07.12.17 18:40 NEW * I want to meet a man a foreigner. I live in St. Petersburg. I want to move to li

Hello. I am 33 years old. Height of 150cm. Weight41kg. Single. I live alone, in St. Petersburg.

I really want to leave Russia forever.

I could not find a foreigner's husband. Therefore, I am ready for any earnings in order to independently accumulate money and go live in Europe.

I am ready to consider any options. Even intimate.

Do not think - I've never done this before. Life brought me to this.

Well, it's unbearable to work for a penny in this country and give more than half the salary for renting a room !!!

I hate this nasty Russia! Have brought people to such poverty!

The rich are getting richer, as they have the means to open new projects (new business) and hire such beggars as I am to work.

And the poor always in this filthy country will provide the rich by working for them.

Unjust! (((((((

I really want to leave this country! Why did I write this here? Yes because I want to earn!

Maybe someone needs to advertise something. I can place ads on different sites (for a good payment).

Well, I'm also ready for intimate suggestions (((I have Skype both vibers and vatsap.

I am not a prostitute ! I've never done anything like that! But it is more unbearable to work in this poor Russia "for an uncle" for a penny!

In general, I'm looking for any earnings on the Internet.